Left 4 Dead 2 is a multiplayer survival first person shooter horror game released in 2009, one year after the original game was released.

Part of the plan is still up in the air, as I would like to incorporate a video element to help explain certain points and add another element to the blog posts. For example, highlighting how the Tank affects the gameplay and strategy of the players. Another aspect is how much of the online multiplayer I will play, what campaigns I will play, the modes as well. I will most likely play the more popular modes like Online Versus rather than less popular modes like Mutations.

As far as the sources are concerned, looking into how the benefits for video gaming companies of creating sequels to their most popular games. This Newspaper article from 2004 could help my understanding of the process gaming companies go through to make sequels.

The utility and audience for this project can be reached, as this game franchise has a large in-built fan base that is still actively playing the game. But this project will also reach out to others, through engagement with the subreddits of the Left 4 Dead fan base. This link is through to the Left 4 Dead 2 subreddit, while this one leads to the Left 4 Dead subreddit. I am also mindful of the fact that I need to also engage with more people than just this specific group, and should aim at targeting zombie media fans as well. Perhaps engaging and asking for feedback from a relevant subreddit would be a tool to reach my target audience and get crucial feedback to improve my work.