The two blog posts and the website itself are available to be viewed and interacted with the public. There are links below to the two posts as well as the homepage for the website below.

I have interacted with others in the NRL and Cricket subreddits, with some of these interactions shown below, as I commented not on the topic of this website, but on the game in general and topics relevant to the topic of the post.

Building a rapport with other reddit users will help gain an audience for my website and content, while also helping with getting users to provide criticism to improve the content and make more stuff. It may also lead to that audience looking into the other posts regarding the other sports that I will cover as well, as some users may follow others sports too.

The two topics blog posts will be written this week, as I also plan to post on the NRL subreddit my future of NRL streaming post, as well as taking feedback on those posts if there are any to incorporate into the upcoming blog posts about soccer and rugby union.

There have been no interactions yet on the cricket subreddit, but I will plan to in the next week so I can release the post into that subreddit.

There are also not many videos in any of the blog posts, but there are images related to the broadcasters and hyperlinks to outside sources to help explain and add detail to each blog post.