There have been plenty of changes when it comes to this digital artifact. Below is the field site I have created for the digital artifact about Dragon Age.

The previous topic failed to fire as I had a much larger interest in the dragon age community than the nostalgic gaming community. The dragon age community is also far more refined, as it only spans one fan-base whereas nostalgic video games have multiple fan-bases to cover and areas to cover. Focusing on only the only game genre, series and company allows for more focus to be applied on the approach, rather than a broader and far less deep investigation into each game.

Instead of only discussing only one game out of the series, I will be allowing all games in the franchise to be used. This is due to the fact that romance in the main series is the same, and allows for both heterosexual and homosexual romances for the player to make throughout the game. There are also significant story decisions that are made that affect further gameplay. A website is used to create a world in which players create an EA account and import a world into their next play through of Dragon Age Inquisition, the third game in the franchise.

These features help my auto-ethnographic approach as I can record the decisions they made and how it affects their future gameplay in the franchise. An interview, even over the internet through private messaging, will allow for me to gain an insight into their decision-making and reasons behind their choices.