Writing the comments having learnt a lot from my own self-reflection a couple of weeks ago was eye-opening. As people’s projects moved along, the commentary became more important to help them improve their projects.

The first beta I commented on was an analysis of the video game The Last of Us 2, through the perspective of fan behaviour and narratology. When it came to research to offer, I provided a list of levels that were viewed upon as having good design, as a tool to be used to help provide evidence of the good things in the game. The argument from fans wasn’t mainly about the level design, so the source could be used to show the good points to the game. I also commented on the amount of background research that was done for the project and the interactions with feedback and the changes they made to their analysis. My comment lacked any actions they could take to improve their analysis, as well lack of engagement with the subject materials and sources.

The second beta I commented on was on the analysis of the video game Candy Crush Saga, through the lense of nostalgia, game-play and technology. My comment focused on the organization of the beta video, how there was no information repeated in the video and the written blog post. Similar to the other comments, there is a focus on the aesthetic of the video and organization of the information and schedule for their game analysis. However, I lack a connection to the subject lessons and sources to help improve their content, as well as changes they could have made to their project.

The third beta I commented on was the game analysis of the video game The Sims 4, through the lense of structuralism. I focused on the epiphanies that were uncovered as she experienced the game and process of recording, as well as the level of organization of her posts and how the aesthetics were interesting to look at in the beta video and fitting of the game. All of these comments are similar in both flaws and strengths, as I failed to connect any improvements they could make to their work with the subject and the topics, such as agency, spaciality and the impact of nostalgia on video game marketing. I have learnt plenty of things from commenting on other people’s beta blog posts, including how to word criticism in a constructive way, provide sources to be beneficial and also to make suggestion that could help their project improve.