Creating this digital artifact was an enlightening experience. The content I created focused on the two sports that I have a lot of passion for cricket and rugby league. I found it really interesting researching for the blog posts, as I found the information really beneficial to the blog posts I was creating. It was hard to find different multimedia formats around these topics, particularly broadcasting deals between companies and sporting boards are not all that popular. This didn’t help matters, because my main focus when creating each blog post was to include visual and video elements to help break up all of the words with something different, to stimulate the audience that was going to read it.

When it came to ideating for the digital artifact, I wanted to focus on a subject or topic that I had a real passion for and something that would garner the interest of an audience, preferably a large one. Sports was a topic then that fit both categories, as it was popular, but also had multiple variations with a large number of fans to go with it, which would then by my audience I would capture for the digital artifact. Linking sports to the network future and changing media forms was the next challenge.

I decided to look into sports streaming and the broadcasting of sports as a potential area of intrigue. This theme fits in with the moving away from traditional media, where the major broadcasters such as the Seven Network, and the Nine Network controlled the rights for sports, were being reconsidered, due to options such as Kayo, a streaming service for sport. The transition from traditional forms of media watching into the digital and internet age, where things are connected and always available, and also watchable anywhere with a device and an internet connection. I also made sure to focus my digital artifact on Australian sports and the options available for that country alone, as I didn’t want the project to be so broad to encompass a large number of countries.

I also chose the idea for sports streaming because it was also relevant to the two sports I did posts on. Contracts between Channel Seven and Cricket Australia for the rights to the cricket had reached some tensions, and there are currently conversations going on about a new network taking the deal. In the rugby league world, the contract between Channel Nine and the NRL is set to run out in 2022, with there being some issues around the amount of money. Kayo being involved helped add the angle of online streaming into the mix, fitting into the new form of media, the streaming service. This idea is similar to Netflix and Apple TV, which are competing with traditional forms of media, such as TV networks and movie theaters, for films and TV shows.

When it came to organizing the front page, there was more time spent on making sure it looked appealing to the audience and also was clear for them to see where the content was. Other digital artifacts I had done in the past that involved using WordPress, I didn’t spend much time focusing on the homepage for the website. This one, however, I made sure that it looked presentable and clear so that anyone who would interact with it would be pleased by the layout and also given links to my actual blog posts.

Each blog post took a week to make, so it wasn’t that arduous a task to produce the content. I didn’t plan to make each blog post overly long with walls of text to bore the viewer when they read the information. Instead, it was designed to have smaller amounts of text, so it would seem like it was less likely that people would get bored with the work, and also involving visual content would help break up the monotony of written text.

Engaging in the community of both rugby league and cricket was on that was surprising. I used Reddit as the platform to advertise my work, as the subReddit’s allow for communities to be easily organized and identifiable. It was simply joining in these communities as a member and involving myself in those discussions. This would help in multiple ways, firstly, creating a rapport with other users, showing my passion and knowledge for the game of which I am covering in the digital artifact. Secondly, it helps build my potential target audience, as it can allow me to build connections with other users on the platform. It can also be used to show background research and dedication towards the subject matter, and also make me not seem like someone just advertising their own product, but someone is an active fan of the sport and a contributor to the page.

I planned to have multiple other blog posts made involving the sports of basketball and rugby union, but due to time constraints with the project, there were only going to be two blog posts for the entire website. It would also cause issues around time due to building rapport with more communities and other subReddit’s. Even though they’re going many video elements about each topic, there were plenty of newspaper articles found online about these issues and conversations around broadcasters and sports administrations. News networks and their broadcasting deals with any company or sporting bodies are recorded in either a newspaper form or even on the radio. This allows for multiple hyperlinks and sources for the blog posts, which helps make my content seem more informative, as well as help people curious about the topic and read more about it. It also helps show how much background research I have done for each blog post and the amount of time I spent on it.