My project will be produced on my own personal blog, identified with it’s own category and it’s own page to separate from other content on my own blog so it can be filtered and looked out by the targeted audience. There have been struggles when it comes to academic sources for the three lenses I am analyzing this game through, but there have been plenty of sources through YouTube, so there will be plenty of links in each blog post to YouTube videos that discuss the issues and topics I will talk about.

The videos that I will incorporate into each blog post will not be very long, as the attention spans of the people watching may be short. Instead, there will be lots of smaller length videos so I can cover more areas of the game that I want to talk about. This means as well, that I could play one chapter from a campaign multiple times instead of the whole campaign to prove a point, For example, to show how the A.I. director changes the map, including where the infected spawn, how many and where supplies are, if tanks and witches spawn, and other special infected as well.

There will be references to sequels from other game franchises as well, used as a comparison to show examples of video game sequels that do not work. The areas to examine will be any new mechanics, or ones they updated, new characters or world among other features in the game to compare and analyse.